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Your dream nursery awaits. Visit us in-store!
Your dream nursery awaits. Visit us in-store!
by Sophie

Newborn Blanket Gift Set

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Beautiful set of Sophie the Giraffe and double-sided minky blanket in white and gray colors. It is the best product to protect baby against the cold during his first car ride or in the stroller. It is also perfect to protect mummy from stranger’s eyes during feeding.

Set Includes:

  • Classic Sophie giraffe teether: 7 inches tall, made of 100% latex – from rubber tree resin. Natural material, covered with food paint, is safe to chew, light and flexible, which protects against painful injuries when waving. The rounded shapes are easy to grasp for the little hand. The teether stimulates and develops 5 senses: sight – contrasting spots, hearing – a pipe placed in the belly, touch – a specific touch of rubber, smooth as mum's skin, smell – a special smell of natural rubber, allowing you to distinguish the teether in the pile of other toys, taste – the main cognitive sense of the baby. Excellent remedy for teething; –
  • Double-sided blanket, in white and gray. Part gray minky material, the side with the image of a giraffe is white and made of cotton. Dimensions 35 in x 30 in. Indispensable in the baby's everyday life, ideal for the first trip from the hospital to home and swaddles during subsequent daily walks. It can be used in many different ways: as a blanket, cover for the stroller, cover during feeding, bib, diaper change pad, etc. Often an irreplaceable cuddly toy, without which the baby can not fall asleep.