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Your dream nursery awaits. Visit us in-store!
Your dream nursery awaits. Visit us in-store!

Path of Nature Washable Play Rug

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The most iconic piece in the Cotton Wood Collection is this Lorena Canals Path of Nature Washable Play Rug. It is covered in intricate details that mimic the textures of the forest floor, creating an authentic miniature landscape. Its irregular border, the yarn melange, the new tufting techniques and different pile heights applied, provide a three dimensional effect on the rug's surface. On this Lorena Canals Path of Nature Washable Play rug, children can bring to life the enchanted forest experience along with their new cuddly friend, the little cotton horse that comes with the rug! The play rug and cuddly horse cushion is machine washable making it a perfect addition to any child's bedroom. Let them make a mess, explore and connect with nature without worry of ruining the rug. This Lorena Canals Path of Nature Washable Play Rug is part of the Cotton Wood Collection, which evokes a walk in the woods with moss covered pathways, lichen covered rocks and pine cones scattered on the ground. You can faintly hear the rustle of a squirrel climbing up a tree, pine trees swaying in the wind, the mushrooms peeking through the fallen autumn leaves and the special scent of rosemary and pine. The wooded landscape of the Mediterranean coast inspires a whole range of shapes and textures that is reflected in these timeless rug and accessory pieces. Each piece brings nature into the home with a subdued colour palette that imitates the forest's hues, and the use of mixed cotton yarns in different shades provide an overall natural looking finish.


  • Due to its handmade nature, each rug is unique and one of a kind
  • Material: 97% Cotton, 3% other fibre, recycled cotton base and natural non-toxic dyes
  • Using exclusively natural dyes and done with cotton makes it safe for babies, kids and pets
  • Natural dyes also keeps the rug light, soft and flexible
  • Cotton is a sustainable and natural fibre that is well suited for those with allergy sensitivities
  • Being a trusted brand in the industry, this high quality cotton rug is made to last a lifetime and can withstand rigorous play
  • Cotton rugs are light weight making clean-up very easy. Simply give it a shake!
  • Cotton rugs are extremely soft and comfortable even for bare feet and babies' tender knees.


  • All Lorena Canals rugs comply with all quality and safety regulations for children including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and AITEX certified
  • This rug is environmentally friendly and free from toxic dyes or contaminants
  • Size: 4' x 5' 3"

Care Instructions:

  • For larger messes, throw the entire rug into a domestic washing machine on gentle cycle